Wardrobe Re-haul – Refine Your Closet

While taking a brief look in my closet, it became apparent that I don’t really have one style that defines who I really am. For instance, if you saw a woman walking down the street with red lips, high waisted shorts and a puffy shoulder Peter Pan collared top, you’d say she fits in the retro category right?

Well… I really want to be defined in that way some how! The only problem is that I love change and I dress for comfort. If I put something on and it bothers me throughout the day, I take it off. My style always seems to evolve. I guess that’s what you have to look forward to as you reach mid-30’s!

So the question is… How do you edit your closet when you’re going through a style re-haul?

My answer:
-Take a deep breath and plan accordingly. You don’t have to go through every inch of your wardrobe. Separate the task into sections. One day go through your tops, the next go through your shoes. Easy!
-Ask yourself questions. When was the last time I wore this? Did I enjoy wearing it?
-Don’t ask yourself if you would wear it again because chances are… You won’t. If something looks brand spanking new, you can always try to resell.
-Keep it simple. I always like to keep staple items like White T’s and tanks, black tights and skirts. You can refresh them when they start to look tired and worn.
-When you start to add things to your closet, give a look a test run. If it works, keep it and continue to add from there.

Just a few little tips from me.


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