Curating the Perfect Wardrobe


Lately the online fashion communities have surprised me with outrageous (in a good way) wardrobe creations. Showing off your latest look has become a way of life. I love it! If you haven’t joined Lookbook or Chictopia because you hate being in front of the camera, have no fear. You can also post looks that you have styled on someone else. Also, give Polyvore a try and create your own sets. Pulling inspiration from these websites will enable you to curate your own sense of style for sure!

I have been a busy little worker bee who has collected quite a few blog post ideas. In the spirit of blogging about style, I thought it would be useful to talk about a couple shops. Sure this might be old news, but hey. Knowing is half the battle (G.I. Joe).

Buy, sell or trade your wardrobe with these easy apps. Personally, buying second hand can be uplifting. You are purchasing clothes that might not be available in store. That’s a double wamey if you buy the item at a really good deal! Keep in mind that like all online auction shopping sites you will stumble across some flakey sellers/buyers.

Threadflip – I tested the ap last night (user name MsJoyWoo) and praise the creators on it’s user friendly interface. You can find designer duds at reasonable prices. Some people are pretty firm on selling it as advertised, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. There are a few sellers willing to negotiate!

Vinted – (user name MsJoyWoo) Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see middle aged women or people like my mom shopping here. You will find a lot more designer knockoffs (i.e. Jeffrey Campbell like Litas and LV Neverfulls.) The items are typically less expensive than what you would find on Threadflip and swapping is encouraged.

Tradsey – The giant of consignment stores! I learned today that this was created by the founders of Recycled Bride.

Your other option is to check out your favorite blogger’s closet. That will be a post for a later date.

Till next time.



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