The Three W’s

Work, wedding, whew!

I hate to be the “here today, gone tomorrow” blogger,  but I promised myself that this year would be different. There are a lot of good things to come and I want to capitalize on this forward momentum. So here goes nothing! A quick update.


My fiance and I are going to be life partners and business partners! Last December we launched Galactic E-Liquid, a electronic cigarette liquid manufacturing company. I’m excited to announce that we will be an exhibitor at Vape Blast 2014. 
It is the first vape convention to hit Texas.

Our motto? Don’t forget your space suit. Get Galactic.


My 9-5 job? I am still the Office Manager at VI Marketing & Branding.

The company is expanding to the fourth floor! I was told that it will be ready next month *fingers crossed*


Planning a wedding remotely kind of sucks. I’m glad we have the majority of the big stuff completed. Right not Tim is working on our wedding invitations.

Venue? Check! Pasadena Museum of History

Dress? Check! Scored a hell of a deal in Dallas for a Marchesa dress as seen on Marky Mark’s wife


Catering? Check! Fresh Events & Modern Catering. We’re going for a French Country theme.

Bridesmaids? Check! 9 of my close friends

Bachelorette party? Check! My home away from home- Vegas.

There will be a lot of DIY touches. Here is our save the date as an example:


As I exhale a long, sigh of relief…. I think to myself. Yes, I am happily looking forward to 2014 and the new challenges that I will have to face.


One thought on “The Three W’s

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