A story plus Whiskey and Cigarettes

First my story, brought to you by Miss Cindy Crawford:

Model Monday: When I first came to New York to do “go-sees,” (which is when a model brings her portfolio to go see a photographer or magazine,) my agency Elite would call ahead to get me the appointment. In order to get into the really big photographers like Avedon and Scavullo, my booker would tell them that she had Baby Gia. Gia Carangi was a favorite of so many of the top photographers, but unfortunately she had a drug problem and was no longer modeling. I loved her super sexy looks, yet you also got the feeling she could live next door to you too. It was my lucky break that I reminded people of Gia!

After I started working with many of the same photographers that loved her, I would hear lots of crazy stories about her, like how she climbed out a bathroom window and just ditched a shoot. But my favorite Gia story is one where she was shooting on the west side highway. The photographer had flagged down some dude on a motorcycle and asked if Gia could get on the back of the bike for the photo. Gia climbed on in some couture gown worth tens of thousands of dollars. After a few drive-bys for the photo, Gia and the motorcycle guy rode off into the sunset. I heard the dress got delivered back to the magazine in a paper bag much worse for the wear! I was the straight, good girl Gia, but sometimes It’s fun to channel her spirit in pictures!


Click the photo to go to their Etsy Shop

Whiskey & Cigarettes Co.

They found me on Twitter and I’m intrigued. Check out their stuff and let me know what you think. When they launch their Spring/Summer collection, I’ll be sure to nab an interview with the owners.


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