New York Fashion Week – Stylish celebs and models galore

Growing up in Orange County through the 80’s-90’s was probably a little different then growing up in the OC now. Walking around the halls of San Joaquin had me wishing I was caucasian and blonde. At the age of 7, I became engrossed with The Miss. America Pagent and Cindy Crawford.  It lead me to prance around my home imagining the bedroom hallway was a runway. No joke.

Image my surprise when I saw the picture below. Jaime Chung, representing Asians on the runway! She strut her stuff for the Red Dress Fashion Show AND she’s not even of model height! Yes, I know she’s a movie star, so height really is not an issue, but still. I think she looks fabulous! My only critique is that you can’t see her shoes. I’m a shoe whore and love to see who the celebs are rockin’ on their feet!


I go ga ga over Ashlee Simpson’s style. I feel like her stylist was trying to channel  a little bit of  Zooey Deschanel who is another style icon of mine. Love the hair and love the ring!


Wild about Olivia Wilde’s look! This dress fits her like a glove and the metallic peep toes are just the right hint of color.


Obviously I took these pictures from the Just Jared website and am thankful that they shared these images with us.

How can you have a fashion show without models? From the 20 Models On Our Runway Radar, 2 models are of Asian decent- one half Asian part Euro. Woohoo! Of course Karlie Kloss is on this list. She is a show stopper even with a short do.




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