Tory Burch & C. Wonder: Ex’s in dispute


Over the long holiday weekend I read a ton of articles and books. One that struck a cord was found in Vanity Fair (on the cover is the beautiful Kate Moss). The battle of the ex’s is sure a good way to ring in the holiday season don’t you think? Here are a couple articles to get you caught up in the tangled weave. 

Forbes:  Why Tory Burch Should Be Fashion’s Next Billionaire (And How Her Ex Could Stop Her)

Tory Not Impressed With C. Wonder

Copycats In Fashion

Ok, so I have to first start by saying that the last link is comical. Why is Tory up in arms with Chris when she obviously was inspired by classic pieces found at Chanel & Cartier? Everyone copies to a degree! She should be thankful that her ex supplied her with an investment to start the now successful line. The real estate where her first boutique opened in New York is quite expensive don’t you know.

Anyway, I want all you fashionable folks to chime in on this because I’m at a mute point. Yes, I do like C.Wonder- the whimsy colorful store front and the affordable pricing. Tory Burch… You’re brand is quite expensive for what you offer and I have to say- The Reva flat is NOT comfortable at all. I had to sell mine off on Ebay after wearing them for maybe a week or two. They sat in my closet for 3 years before I sold them 😦


One thought on “Tory Burch & C. Wonder: Ex’s in dispute

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