Miriam Jewels- Hand Crafted Wire Crochet Jewelry

Miriam Freitas is a creative genius when it comes to her craft. I am re-telling her story on her crochet jewelry empire.

When you google “crochet wire jewelry” http://www.miriamjewels.com comes in at #3. Sure, you can follow the millions of pre-set patterns found online, but it will not the same. Miriam Jewels should be your #1 source for all things crochet because her style of crochet jewelry is the best version out there. It is often duplicated, but I guarantee it will not be anything like her version.

Medium Sun Earrings- 14k Gold fill wire

What makes Miriam Jewels so gosh darn special? Well, for starters, Miriam traveled to Lima, Peru to learn a specific style of crocheting by her mentor and dear friend. Her jewelry is the only one of it’s kind made in the United States (San Diego to be exact!)  The variations come with a tight weave to lose weave that tends to look like a spider web. Miriam only uses the finest materials-  14k gold fill wire, argentium silver wire, semi-precious stones and a variety of crystals and stones. For those on a slightly lower budget- take a look at the silver plated, rose gold plated and copper wire jewelry. Only you will know that it is not made of 14k gold fill wire because they look identical! Unlike your Tiffany’s jewelry, Miriam’s silver version is made to be tarnish resistant because of it’s alloy content 92.5% silver + 7.5% metalloid germanium (wikipedia).

Actress/model Fernanda Romero has been seen numerous times wearing Miriam’s jewelry.

You can find Miriam Jewels at Bettina Duncan in Fred Segal, Harrah’s Rincon San Diego, Goga’s store in Santa Monica, Mixture, Mabel’s, Allison By The Beach and other retailers.



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