To wear lipstick… Or to not wear lipstick.

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I’ve never thought to post an entry about beauty, but just had an idea pop in my head so, what the hey!

When women are depressed and low on cash, they turn to beauty products for comfort. True story! This Huffington Post (LOVE them!)  story explains the ordeal called The Lipstick Effect. I for one like to spend my money on food verses make-up and I’ll tell you my #1 reason for this.  It’s that moment of temporary satisfaction that shopping just cannot fulfill for me anymore. I get bored of what I buy and then move on to the next big thing! With food…. You get comfort and satisfaction because you consume something that will provide you with a memory. Can you remember most of the meals you’ve shared with family and friends? Yes, most of them! Now, can you remember the last thing you bought and the last time you wore it? Meh, probably not.

My boyfriend finally admitted to me the other day that he doesn’t like when I wear lipstick. In fact, he really doesn’t care for me to wear make-up at all confessing that he thinks I look better wearing less of the goopy stuff. I was in utter shock and disbelief. The first time I met my boyfriend I was in fact wearing make-up, eye make-up to be exact! I wasn’t wearing lipstick. Fast forward to our first couple dates and I realize I hardly ever wore any lipstick in front of him.

**Light bulb moment!**

My favorite thing about Allure magazine was the beauty editor’s make over section. She’d spend a month testing out new looks whether it be a new hair do, lipstick, eye liner… Whatever the hottest trend was of the season, she did and took a picture. Wouldn’t it be neat to try that for fun-ziees? If you are interested in doing this little experiment , let me know. I’d be happy to post it on my blog.



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