Wear: Blake Lively’s Style

I don’t know how Blake Lively got so into fashion… I guess Gossip Girl is responsible for it, but man.. She is the actress that I love to hate.

thought i might suggest...

Everyone by now knows that Blake Lively has a great sense of style. On her hit show, “Gossip Girl”, which is airing its final season now on the CW, she gets styled by amazing looks curated by stylist Eric Daman, but in real life, it is public knowledge that Blake Lively is one of the few celebrities who does not have a stylist, making what she wears truly her own personal taste. Blake has a tendencity for showing her long legs in most of the outfits she wears, and who could blame her? If you got it, flaunt it. She also doesn’t shy away from color, which can be seen in her now iconic red Versace dress she wore to the Emmys and her detailed blue mini Marchesa dress. When she’s not on duty, she likes to keep it simple with dresses and separates that are accessible for regular folks…

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