I’m talking shoes

Vogue’s most anticipated and costly issue has come out. As I fumbled through the glorious glossy pages of this years up in coming trends, I notice quite a few advertisements with Karlie Kloss as the model. She must of had at least 4 tear sheets in this issue alone, but that’s besides my point. Regardless of how wonderful a model she was, the ads did not catch my interest towards it’s product. I was in search of a provocative ad, one that made me really take notice of the designer. Glory Chen won. The ad is simple with a white background, three pairs of shoes, and half of a woman’s face. If you take a closer look, one of the legs has a see through sheen of the fabric in the background. To me, that was quite unique.

From the recreation collection. The Fauna shoe

Check out this blog for more on Glory Chen and the Joy Chen collections.
Lyramag Blog


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