The Cult following of Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony was created by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. The way they have branded themselves and other up-in-comers has been a real source of inspiration to me. OC is a concept more so then a plain old retailer on the brink of commercialism. I say this because some stores or boutiques make their debuts and spread themselves so thin that their prime audience will become bored and move on to the next big thing. I don’t see this happening with OC (but then again, I could be wrong…)

Leon and Lim met in 1997 while attending UC Berkley. Both originally reside from the LA area and come from families who practice strong work ethics. Leon worked his way up the corporate ladder at Gap SF, while Lim landed a plush job at an investment banking firm. Owning their own business venture would have never crossed their minds; however, OC  came into fruition during a vacation. While L&L were visiting Asia, they became amerced in the shopping world of Hong Kong. They wondered why shopping in the States was less exhilarating and floated on an idea that has now become a journey. This so called “stupid idea” that Leon and Lim had developed became something much more extravagant! Thus, the brain child- Opening Ceremony- was born.

OC’s concept in a nutshell:

To me… OC is like one of those cheesy indoor multi-plex markets you see in China Town or Little Saigon, mixed with the chicness of Bendels or Fred Segal. Each store location houses something unique and different with many designers varying from local to mainstream; there is something for everyone! The visuals are also works of art, courtesy of Leon’s visual merchandising experience at Gap.

OC Tokyo

With three stores, a showroom, and their A-List fashion icon clientelle (Chloe Sevigney collaborated with a resort line) there is no reason why the creators would want to slow down.

Read their blog


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