My new obsession: Ruche- Modern boutique with a vintage touch

Very rarely do I actually purchase things online (except if it’s an online exclusive to Urban Outfitters or VS), but I found this online shop to strike my fancy. The reason being is they have this flair for vintage inspired things that looks to be part organic  part trendy. For instance, the sailor/nautical trend has become a hit for the past couple years and you can find different variations  on Ruche. Then there is the the romantic style shown below.  I have adopted this into my everyday look because it’s very girly, pretty, fun, and flirty.

The jewelry collection is phenomenal as well. Granted it will all add up if you decide to purchase multiple pieces, but it’s affordability makes it irresistible to turn down.  There is also an eco-friendly section available for the environmentally conscious minded! They are locally owned here in the OC as well.

FYI: Hunt & Gather located in University Heights, is another local San Diego thirft/new store that took over The Neighborhood’s little space. You can find jewelry made from various local artists as well as an array of accessories, vinyl, women’s, and men’s clothing. I especially dig their logo T-shirts with the Tiger!  The theme “Hunt & Gather” is suttle- you’ll see a squirrel statue holding a tray filled with leather jewelry. Parking is all available on the street.

Visit them if you haven’t already and you will be amazingly impressed with how everything is displayed

4496 Park Blvd San Diego


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