Ximena Valero & Uneeke2 Clothing

I just finished up a Shopping Soiree at the Andaz rooftop benefiting Invisible Children. Through this cause, I met two amazing clothing designers (and many MANY more talented people that you will be introduced to you in the next several posts)

First and foremost I have to admit that the turn out was disappointing and I only raised a little over $100 for the non profit, BUT this has not brought me down. Sure I was disappointed that night, but I feel even stronger and more determined to succeed! I took a risk that no one else would and there is no where to go but UP at this point! My word advice to those that are afraid to take a chance: DO IT. Go for your dreams and aspirations because if you don’t, someone else will take the pride and glory- You will wish you did and regret it for the rest of your life.

Ximena Valero

Miriam (Miram’s Jewels) and Diana (Designer Millinery) introduced me to Salette and Ximena. Salette of course is Ximena’s manager and Ximena is the head designer of the remarkable line Ximena Valero. Her signature dresses can be worn a multitude of ways and the fabrics are smooth, luxe, and ultra comfortable – especially for the summer time! The thing I love most about Ximena is that she is creating a line that is wearable for ALL body types. If you have a curvy figure, there are pieces that cling and show off your curves in a pleasing manner. If you have a boyish figure, there are dresses and mix and match separates that would work for you.

To learn more about Ximena, go to this link http://www.ximenavalero.com/designer



Creator of Uneeke2, Kimberly, contacted me after seeing an invitation. I looked at her website and went gaga over the price points. Her clothing being afforable for the masses was important to me! Also, she uses American Apparel basics, which I love 🙂 All of her clothing is cotton and is oh so comfy! Great for the gym or a lunch date with the ladies. We all need a little bling in our lives…

One of her best sellers is the pink ribbon. I’m a fan!!

Her table at The Andaz Rooftop Shopping Soiree 🙂

All Photos by Scott Allison & Friends


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