Now I haven’t been using Chictopia as much as I would like to, but I suggest you start an account if you constantly take pictures of yourself and enjoy meeting people who do the same. Essentially, that’s why you’re on the site! It’s self promotion and I’m not going to knock on people who do it.  There is this one girl from Model Mayhem that also has a Chictopia profile that I think is amazing. This is her latest picture (below)

The thing about Zoe is that she’s a designer and a model and I never get tired of her pictures. They have a bit of whimsy, a bit of funk, and uniqueness that I gravitate towards. You might disagree with me, but I don’t care. She has a fan following 🙂

There’s another gal that rocks it. She modeled for a show I did in Rancho Santa Fe and is a designer/model type too……

Danielle is really fearless when it comes to mixing and matching fabrics, colors, and genres. I also cannot get enough of her photography because she models well and the camera really loves her.

Her blog is


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