Spike Guys Choice Awards

Was totally bummed out because all of my picks ended up not winning…. But I was uberly surprised to hear the the military played a roll in one of the awards “Military Choice for Entertainer of the Year”. And the award goes to….

Miss. Sandra Bullock

Sandy wore this one piece leather number and looked FANTABULOUS!!!! She was litterally glowing on that incredible stage and I couldn’t help but get a little emotional and teary eyed as I was watching her video montage. Yes, I’m sucha dork, but she has been in so many memorable flicks. I remember my first time seeing her in Demolition Man opposite Sylvester Stallone thinking, “Who is that girl!?!?!?”

Some other hotties…

I did not recognize Scar Jo when she walked on stage! Her hair was blah and this dress, (love the color), made her look BAD. In the picture it looks yellow, when in actuality it’s a lime green. Charlize Theron looked hot hot hot! Her shoes were amazing! Brooklyn Decker (IMO) looks better in pictures then she does in person. What was up with the long flowy goddess dress anyway?!??! Jessica Biel: I’m not really a fan, but her outfit looked really cute in person. Could have worn different shoes though… She was really sweet and took a picture with one of the military guys in back of me.

The MTV Movie Awards were also being filmed in Culver City’s Sony Studios on Sunday. Here are some of the red carpet looks I caught

TI looking fresh and so clean clean

Loving Katy Perry’s bling blinging dress and blue wig!!!

Cameron Diaz with a short cute number. Color was great! Wish she wore colorful shoes.. Maybe some hot pinks one’s???

I dunno. This is too cute for Jessica Biel. I think what she worse to the Spike Awards was better.


If I had a camera… I would have taken some pictures of the other audience members. I felt like I was in Vegas going to some club. Seriously… Hookers, boobies, and all. Not cute ladies!!!!!


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