A few of my obsessions

Shopping local, shopping used!

Why do I shop used???  For starters, I want to make one thing perfectly clear! There is nothing wrong with shopping fast fashion giants like Forever 21 OR H&M. I will often head to these stores because it’s cheap, new, and exciting every time I walk in; however, not unique and off the wall for me. I don’t want to walk down the street and see a chick with the same flouncy yellow skirt I have on (and I have yet to see someone with my Forever 21 skirt thank goodness)

BUT let me ask you a question: WHY NOT BUY USED? Thirft stores carry the most amazing things that you often times cannot find anywhere. Another person’s trash is another person’s treasure right? I’ll admit that Buffalo Exchange & Crossroads have increased their prices dramatically to keep up to speed with the economy, but if I find a vintage purse for $15, you better count on me grabbing that sucker up before you! Last year I scored at Buffalo Exchange Hillcrest: Black Balenciaga City Bag for $220!!!!!! This coveted piece is out of commission right now because the handle broke (which happens to many Balenciaga bags because the hardware is sort of delicate and I tend to be rough on my purses) so… Umm… It’s totally worth it AND I’m going to get it fixed and still not have to spend over $1K for this snazziee bag 😀 LOVE IT

There are so many talented designers in So Cal…. And if they are producing uberly chic things, why not buy from them??? You will receive a signature piece, most likely tailor fit for you, and… Duh, it’s unique and not mass produced! I cannot tell you how many awesome artists, ESPECIALLY jewelry designers,  that I have met within the last couple weeks. These people are so are so passionate about what they do. If someone has that deep seated a love for being crafty and making beautiful things, then I’m all for sporting their gear. When I wore Miriam’s butterfly necklace over the weekend, I cannot tell you how many people were staring at my neck in awe…

Color … Color and MORE color.

My new found friend, Annie Nygard (designer of Spiffing Jewelry) LOVES the heck out of color, as do I. She introduced me to another color lover: Tawnya Mendonsa, creator of Glory Box Cosmetics Co. I went over to Annie’s for dinner two weeks ago and we talked about colors… Holly cow, it was refreshing to see the plethora of colors in both of their pallets. When it comes to cosmetics I’m a little bit more reserved now, but the color combos for eyeshadow that Tawnya creates is absolutely phenomenal!!! Anyhow,  normally I go with black attire because it’s safe and you know… Found everywhere, but I own 3 cats who shed fur like there’s no tomorrow.  I’m trying to steer clear from black especially when I’m going out on a night on the town (hard to do because I love my LBD’s and have quite a collection due to working all these fashion events) UMMM…. So, I find myself attracted to the color YELLOW. It’s the perfect mood setter and looks great on me! Everytime Forever 21 comes out with a yellow garment, 9 times out of 10 you bet your sweet tush that I bought it and it’s hanging in my closet!!!

My suggestion to those afraid of color: If you’re going to stick to a black dress, at least spice it up with colorful shoes or lots and lots of vibrant jewelry!!! If you’re going to wear a colorful dress, wear understated shoes and stick to black or nude (OMG NUDE SHOES LOOK FAB W/ a colorful dress!) I’ve seen some crazy mofos think that looking like a rainbow in Vegas is the way to go EEK -Be kind, don’t blind us all with your rainbow…


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