Handmade with love

I have been fortunate to work with two AMAZING woman who hand make their jewelry. The first person I’d like to plug is Miriam’s Jewels.  She is an amazing artist that crochet’s wire metal into beautiful pieces fit for just about any occasion. Her jewelry is crochet using stitching methods done in Lima, Peru. The metal wire that she uses is fine silver, Brazillian copper, and gold filled wire. Fine silver does not tarnish like sterling silver and gold fill is mixed with other metals so that it is chip resistant. The end result is fashionable jewelry that is unique and affordable. By the way: Miriam also does custom designs… Just ask her 🙂

Currently she sells her merchandise at Balboa Park’s Spanish Village right in the glass blower’s studio. Miriam also can be found as a regular vendor at the La Jolla Open Air Market.

Spiffing Jewelry maker Annie Nygard is a true inspiration to me. I had the pleasure of meeting with her yesterday for dinner and enjoyed her company. Her jewelry can be found on Etsy as well as her website.

Her collections consist of: custom modern bride, stamped words/quotes on metal, leather bracelets, and my personal favorite SWEATER GUARDS. These things are hot hot hot! And I’m talking about… The multi uses for these things!!! For me, I would be fearless enough to attach them to a simple barrette and wear them on my hat or in my hair! She also custom makes her pieces as well.  Annie is also a noted graphic designer and foodie :)~

Do your part to help emerging designers and buy local. After all… The craft scene in San Diego is great!


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