I wanted to interview and write about Sophie Snow…

BUT THIS CHICK BEAT ME TO IT DAMNIT! http://audreymagazine.com/sophie-snow-happy-six/

But for the sake of me being me… I’d like to post these two answers just cuz! Take some fashion cues from this uber fashionable kawaii chicka

Q. What is it about Hello Kitty and anime characters that you like so much?

Sophie Snow: They remind me of being a kid. They’re so fun and happy, which is the essence of my store. People say they come to Happy Six to get happy. From the pink walls to the brightly colored merchandise, it just grabs your attention, and these characters help create that imaginary world of fun.

Q. Any fashion or accessory secrets that you rely on to look good?

SS: Definitely. We all have our flaws and insecurities. For me, because I’m barely 5 feet tall — I’m being generous! — I always wear heels. I’ve learned to hem my pants a little on the long side to give my legs a longer appearance. I also have a short neck, so I opt for v-necks or I will cut my shirts into a scoop- or boat-neck.

I also make sure that I have long, well-manicured nails at all times because it just makes you look that much more feminine and put together. One thing I learned from one of my customers, the singer Christina Aguilera, is to always wear makeup as though you’re on stage. Because I have to deal with the public all the time, I always have to be camera-ready. The right makeup is crucial to look flawless on camera, as Christina always does.


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