Heather Sinn: Artist & Model

I met Heather Sinn through my friend Lindsey about…… 5 years ago. While Lindsey was living in Normal Heights,  Lindsey & Heather started making clothes and sewed together some really cool tops out of old men’s T-shirts. OK, nothing new there… BUT Lindsey has never before designed clothing in her life! What they came up with was truly unique and one of a kind- Not to mention the fact that she was eye balling different tops from her own collection or online and copying the silhouette without making a pattern! They sold these tops on Ebay and can custom make one for you if you’re interested!

Heather Sinn has been a tattoo artist for 13 years and is a resident artist of Avalon Tattoo in PB. She has been ranked one of the Top 25 Hottest Female Tattoo Artists by Rank My Tattoo Mag, right below Ms. Kat Von D.  Two of my tattoos were done my Heather and she is highly professional and very good at what she does! I honestly could not say enough good things about her!

Not only is Heather an artist, but she has been modeling for 20 years now. Her style is goth, atomic punk, lolita esq and has been featured on the cover of Revolt and Skin & Ink Magazine.  If you check our her portfolio on MM you can see how versatile of a model Heather is. She told me the other day when I was at Avalon that she loves modeling because she gets to dress up and play different characters. Truly a talented woman in San Diego 🙂


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