Happy Socks for Happy Feet

My big thing is toe socks… I know it sounds horrible, but I love wearing toes socks with my flip flops on a cold day (obviously I do this when I’m not at work because it’s really comfortable). Even in the coldest of weather, I’d rather wear flip flops verses a pair of shoes. When I came across this website I thought: FINALLY, someone gets my obsession with cute, colorful, socks! One of the best part about these socks is the fact that they are unisex- So, if your loved one decides to raid your closet of socks,  they won’t look like a nerd for wearing them. OR, come to think of it, they might refrain from wearing your socks because they’re so colorful and girly.. **shrug** You decide 🙂


My fav are The “Odd Couple”- Merry Christmas y’all!


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