What to wear on the red carpet

The only reason why I watch the award shows is to find out what the celebrities plan to wear on the red carpet. Well, that and I want to know who wins for what movie/TV show etc etc 😉  Sometimes they even change outfits during the ceremony, which I LOVE because it’s like an Asian wedding (the bride wears multiple gowns throughout the night.)  Although I have no reason to be on the red carpet, I thought I would share some photography tips for those that are lucky enough to strut the red carpet in the near future… This is only my opinion, so take it however you like.

Amy Adams wore this gown to the Oscars. Normally, I would be wiry about wearing green on a red carpet, but this tone of green seems to work really well. Plus, against her pale skin and rich red hair, she just looks like old Hollywood glam, which I am a huge fan of.  If you’re planning on going all out, you have to have the appropriate hair and make-up as well. Amy’s stylist did very well- 5 stars from JV! *****

Rhianna’s matchy matchy from head to toe works. Metallics look really well against the red carpet because the color makes you pop. Notice how the camera flash ads shine to the dress. It’s just so appealing to the eye and her skin color does this whole outfit justice. Even her eye make-up and lip color have that hint of silver.

Style icon, and my favorite starlet Gwen Stefani looks smashing in this look! The mix of the light blue in her corset and the deep rich red of her skirt set this outfit apart and make it flirty and fun. Notice that the top is reminiscent to the “Gwen” character’s outfit from her Harajuku Lover’s collection.. Pretty nifty right?

Miss Sandy at the premiere of Premonition. She never has a bad red carpet day and I really appreciate the fact that she likes to experiment with color. This has to be one of my favorite looks on her because of the whole package. Her hair and make-up is impeccable, the dress is flowy and really dream like. I think it’s Calvin Klein, but don’t quote me as I’m not 100% sure. Do take a cue from Sandy when wearing a one shoulder dress: Keep the jewelry simple and the neckline empty. The details on the shoulder line do not need to be competing with accessories.

OK.. Hate to say it, but this doesn’t work. Why? Wear black from head to toe and you lose all the lines of the clothing; therefore, in pictures you look like a black blob. Gwen had the right idea by putting on a belt to show off her tiny waist line and separate the pieces, but the belt should have been a different color. The shoes also should have been colored, not black. I will admit that black looks super chic on a red carpet, but when you wear it in the wrong proportions, the pictures just do not translate as well. You could be wearing a $3,000 worth of clothes and look blah. Even Gwen’s hair is a tad bit on the blah side…. I do however like the make-up. It’s refreshing to see her in something other then red lips.

Tips & Tricks:

Apply Vaseline on your teeth- your pearly whites will gleam in pictures….

Always ALWAYS check yourself in the mirror, from head to toe, everytime you leave the restroom. You never know if your dress is stuck in your underwear or if you have make-up smudged on your face.

Wear what you feel is comfortable. That’s a no brainer right?  If you have a stylist dress you up for big events, let them know what you like to wear and then go from there. The only reason why you experiment is only if you’re ready to. Don’t be fooled into the latest trends unless you like them and can afford it!

Happy Thursday y’all


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