What were the judges of Project Runway Thinking?!?!

Love this whole look

The model really worked the flow of the dress. It looked magical on the runway
I can see someone in Ireland or London wearing this jacket

I’m very VERY disappointed at the judging last night for Project Runway… Like many others that support Jay, I think Heidi Klum voted this way because HELLO, it’s a show on Lifetime– Why the heck would they want an all male showing at Fashion Week??? I rest my case…

If you’re one of Jay’s friends on Facebook, you can view his 10 piece collection. Someone messaged every friend of Jay’s a link to his mock runway show at Bryant Park. Every piece in that collection spoke volumes and contrary to Heidi’s belief: the collection did not lack cohesion! Jay has amazing tailoring skills, and those shin guard/gators were fab. I can see Jay as the protege powerhouse mix of Alexander Wang’s innovative funk and clean lines and amazing use of textiles from 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Check out this exit interview, “I’m scared of boobs!”



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