Eco Friendly Magazine!

Boho ( is a magazine that I picked up at Vons during my lunch break today. The publishing company is Oinabiz Media. FYI: The magazine is printed on Rolland Enviro100 Print, which contains 100% post-consumer fibre, is Environmental Choice, Processed Chlorine Free & FSC Recycled certified and manugactured in Qubec by Cascasdes using biogas energy. Editor- in-Chief Gina La Morte is the founder of and created Boho Mag in order to express her own personal style and love for fashion and also as need to give something back to the world by helping the environment.

I grabbed the 7th issue which talks about Paris and Love… I’m really impressed with how eco conscious this publication is and am in awe of the editorial entitled “Bonjour Paris”.  They even made a special article called “MAD FOR MACARONS”, which shows a few bakeries across the U.S. featuring the yummy treat. Watch out cupcakes: Macarons are in town! 🙂


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