Shop Asia

I’m Asian and I feel that the styles found overseas are better if not different then what you can buy here in the states. As I was searching for information about up coming trends in Asian, I found this website that has all sorts of goodies at a fairly decent price. There is also a completely different website that I’ve known about for a couple years through a friend that is a bit more expensive…. I have not ordered anything from either site, but they offer a return policy like any other online retailer.

The first website is called AsiaJam

Asian Fashion starts at We carry a huge selection of the newest Asian Fashion from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. You can find styles from Japanese Streetwear for teens to fruitsy t-shirts for girls which are ‘kawaii’ or cute.

Then there is Yes This site has more of the sophisticated styles and less “cute girl” looks. They carry a plethora of designer brands found in Japan, Korean, and Hong Kong at competitive prices. Their shoe collection is out of control!!! They have everything you can imagine… The shoes below are on sale right now for $21.00

Happy shopping!


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